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Mahatma VS Gandhi-Synopsis
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Mahatma VS Gandhi

Gandhi the man, Gandhi the legend - the politician who transformed the soul of a nation. This is the Gandhi that millions of people know. Now here's a disturbing account of how Gandhi conducted his life as a father and husband.

Mahatma v/s Gandhi presents a moving account of the turbulent relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his eldest son Harilal Gandhi.

Mahatma VS Gandhi

The play is based on the Gujarati novel Prakashno Padcchayo, accounts of events drawn from newspaper articles, letters exchanged between Harilal and his father, writings of Gandhian scholars and the biography of Harilal Gandhi.

Mahatma v/s Gandhi is about the anguish of the Mahatma, the man who transformed the soul of a nation and the angst of his son's troubled soul.
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